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December 2018

— IDK Ruby 😞


No problem^^

Let me explain.
Ruby: %w[one two three] == ['one', 'two', 'three']

I want the same syntactic sugar for python, to get rid of all these '' when I have to hardcode a huge list of strings. But I guess there isn't sth like this.

— Your code just gives me a list of empty strings which isn't very pythonic

— Oh, I see

— "one two three".split()?

— Hey, that's actually a very nice workaround! Thank you!

— ^_^

— Anybody can help me I want to download and install uvloop for my windows machine

— It seems windows is not supported, any work around for it?

— Windows only supports spyware related material.

— Beautiful 😍

— But it's offtopic