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December 2018

— Theres a reason recaptcha exists now


Is there one working example, the one I tried didn't work, but I'm not really good in that area of images

— I wrote a thing not long ago. It used PyAutoGui.

— And it comes with PIL for image recognition.

— That's exactly what i'm using right now....

— But for now, I'm doing the typing on the captcha, because I don't really understand how it all works together and I'm fairly new to python

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— Pyautogui is pretty clear on the typing side with its documentation. And openCV... Well, you just need the example images for machine learning.

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— Machine learning right now is a scary territory to me right now...

— Do you have a tutorial that is simple? so I can have a better idea of what to do

— I'm not sure, if I'm allowed to mention it here, admins can delete this message if not, but Sentdex might help you on this. I, myself, do not have a working example at the moment.

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— How to load data from django to ajax?

— From server to front or otherwise?