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December 2018

— Where to find the code format symbol on iPhone?


Yandex Maps API is quite nice. Although there is that comrade feeling to it. But it's pretty simple to use.

— 🤦‍♂️

— If anything, just use Google Translate. It's the best Google Maps alternative I know so far.

— 🙄

— But Github and everything is in plain English.

— I mean, it is a worthy alternative to look at. I never said, that it's the best...

— Hi, i need a help, i want search in db django use ajax, I get dynamic input value but i can't post data, how to do it?

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— Screenshots with code? Hmmm!🤔

— Wat

— I'm talking about the official documentation. It's in... Russian, I think.

— Oh, shouldve said that