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December 2018

— You could just:

def IsYearLeap(year):
return year%4==0 and year%100==0 and year%400==0
but wouldn't that be incorrect?
Leap years are those who match any of that conditions?

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There are lots of things to read about, understanding how protocols work, some networking, maybe sockets, etc, etc...
good luck in your journey 😄

— Shouldn't it be or? Also, the last statement would be useless

— And the second tbh

— 1. The year is evenly divisible by 4;
2. If the year can be evenly divided by 100, it is NOT a leap year, unless;
3. The year is also evenly divisible by 400. Then it is a leap year.

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— Please give me a book for these topics

— Sorry. I can't

— Ok i didn't remember the rules

— Why ?

— Can you come home?

— 🤷🏻‍♂️ you can use a search engine, Internet is full of knowledge

— But give me a term to look at.