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December 2018

— Why dont you check the rules?


Im learning from a tutorial and im given this task but they didnt provide solution but i managed to do something i need someone to review my code in relation to the question and score me

— So... where's your code to review it?


— Well, code review and unitary tests are different things

— Can I add it to my list to kill kitties?

— You can use a tool such as
To review it yourself
Also you can hastebin your code and let us review the style

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— Hastebin isn't working

— Share your code


def IsYearLeap(year):
if (year % 4 == 0):
if (year % 100 == 0):
if (year % 400 == 0):
return True


# put your code here

testdata = [1900, 2000, 2016, 1987]
testresults = [False, True, True, False]
for i in range(len(testdata)):
yr = testdata[i]
result = IsYearLeap(yr)
# print(result)

if result == testresults[i]:

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— Please how can use tkinter and turtle

— By reading about them