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December 2018

— Welp


Nope, http server simply responds to client requests. So when a browser requests a page flask can either return the page and redirect the browser to elsewhere. One request - one response. It can't return a page and then return a redirect.

— Okay . Thank you for the support

— Any Linux English group?
Or any can help me...
How to install a .deb or .rpm package using bash script.
And it should always run in background.

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— !offtopic

— Akbar:
Any one have help to got the winter internship program?

— Cron Jobs.. Read about

— Please think about it, there are 18+K people from all around the world, some of them are in summer, others in auttum, others in spring 🤷🏻‍♂️

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— Hello guys

— Your task is to write and test a function which takes one argument (a year) and returns
True if the year is a leap year, or False otherwise. The seed of the function is
already sown in the skeleton code (below).

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— Smells like homework

— Why dont you check the rules?