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December 2018

— Lol


Each time a new member ask for resources about learning python without reading pinned post, I will kill a kitty

— We will run out of kitties

— Why go hard on kitties?

— There are lot of kitties here in the building 🤷🏻‍♂️

— !otherlanguages

— Https://

— Hey I have a issue regarding flask framework
I would like after the name,email and password were shown to the registered user , that user will be redirected after 2 seconds on other page(edited)
But seems it doesn't happens
Any ideas?

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— I know that return exits the function scope but is there any way to do that?

— You'll have to do it using JavaScript

— Ohh ok I thought that there is a way to do that with flask

— Book name: Learn python the hard way