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December 2018

— Jeez, I'm British) LOL, didn't get "square braces" at first)


Yes, it's true you can use .split() with many "split" characters, but using .split() looks cleaner than using .split(" ") 🤷🏻‍♂️

— I should've mentioned, that in this case, using emty brackets is nicer.

— Seriously 😒

— Yes... why people don't like to read?

— Square braces [] curly braces {}

— +1

— We call them two {} squirrels)))

— Between ["Van","Brossom"]
Van, Brossom which is more better?? I prefer the second choice

— God knows why)

— Haha that's funny, i call them curly braces i guess that's how we were taught

— And these () are brackets)))