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December 2018

— The best way to store splited string in a variable it store it in one variable as list


This kind of things, splitting text to get first_name and last_name are really tricky... how would you manage these:

- Guido van Rossum
- Richard Matthew Stallman

Which will be the first_name and the second_name?

— Sorry, if I confuse you

— Uh

— That's my bad English

— Or van der

— 🤷🏻‍♂️
splitting text to get names are really tricky, that's why it's preffered to ask and save that data in separate variables rather that just one long variable

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— Https://

— Yeah.

— By using the "split" function using the " " character. Something like s2 = s.split(" ")

*Note, that there is a space in quotation marks, not just an empty string.

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— Then use ', '.join(text) to output the words in splitted

— Language:


from decimal import Decimal
a = Decimal("2018.12")
b = Decimal("2018")


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