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December 2018

— Is there TK gui expert in the house?


How can i put two widgets against each other?

panel.pack(side = tk.BOTTOM,anchor='w')

one in the east and other in west
but the east\west one stays on top of the west\east one.

— What is the best way to split the text and asign it to variable?

— Like

firstName, lastName = text.split(' ')

— Wrap splited text to the tuple class/function

— (uh, my perfect English)

— It will depends on how many words, separated by spaces, will your text variable will have

— Language:


text = "Guido van Rossum"


['Guido', 'van', 'Rossum']

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— Check that and think how could you do your script to not have an ValueError with Guido's name

— The best way to store splited string in a variable it store it in one variable as list

— This kind of things, splitting text to get first_name and last_name are really tricky... how would you manage these:

- Guido van Rossum
- Richard Matthew Stallman

Which will be the first_name and the second_name?

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— Sorry, if I confuse you