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December 2018

— Hi folks, I’m a beginner, may I ask a question here?

In: 2018.1 - 2018
Out: 0.09999999999990905

how can I get an output 0.1?

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How can i put two widgets next to each other like:

panel.pack(side = tk.BOTTOM,anchor='w')

one in the east and other in west
but the east one stays on top the west one.

— Round?

— Print(round(enter number here,2))

— Thank you, so, is there a way that let the output be in same ndigits as the first number automaticly?

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— Like,

2018.1 - 2018

2018.12 - 2018

— Https://


— Hello, can I ask you how to add a Telegram keyboard button (with a pop-up message as a result) to this:

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— Using what framework ?

— How about using decimal module?