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December 2018

— That strip goes INTO the lambda, and you are missing an int()


I'm using python script which make an ssh connection to remote server i.e : server = paramiko.SSHClient()
And executing commands throgh that connection i.e : stdin, stdout, stderr = server.exec_command(my_str)
the stdout is coming from the server output for the command which is bash.
when i print it to my widget it looks a bit diff

— Maybe, you need to decode the output string.

— Like output.decode('utf-8')

— The ONE time where a screenie would be helpful…

— There is a problem when im inserting the lines with:

    for i in range (0,len(s)):
main_output.insert('end', s[i])
(main_output is listbox tk widget.)
its a bit moving but in the print i can see it well.

maybe i shouldnt put it with 'end'?

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— Any one send me how to create a calculator in visual basics privately please

— Wrong group

— Okkk

— Send me a python software

— No

— Download please