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November 2018

— Pretty long as i see

"".join(map(str, range(1,x + 1)))

is shorter


I was using list comprehension so if he asks, it would be easy to explain... but, please don't show the solution until OP already try to solve it by himself

— Exactly

— But let's not give him code he won't be able to explain

— Can be made shorter if you disregard any style guides :P

— I know, but map here seems more obvious . Btw both solutions are not suitable for student his leve.

— Yeah, better to use a common for loop to explain it

— Production tought me to follow flake/pep recommendations even if i am asleep:)

— Then you're missing a space after the comma inside you range() call 😝

— Nice catch

— Probably cuz he's awake

— 🤣