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November 2018

— Python3 -c 'print("hello")'


I'm trying to send an image from opencv to a telegram not and I'm using Image.fromarray(roi) to convert it to an image. But when I send it, it says that is a list.

I tried to print it but I got this:

<PIL.Image.Image image mode=RGB size=250x213 at 0x7F178E4160>

— I'm missing something?

— U can directly sent as image to telegram

— Not sure I understand the question.

Why not save the image then send it?

Can you show your code?

— X F(x)

1 1

2 12
3 123
4 1234
And so on

Need F(x)

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— Really?

— Ya

— Can't you just see the simple pattern there?

— A simple for loop, show what you've already done by now

— Need one single function of x for such output

— Def f(x) :
Answer =''
For i in range(1,x):
Answer += x
Return Answer