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November 2018

— You can use the google translate for it


Applying your networking knowledge and writing code that make that operations.
We don't do homework here

— Thank you ..

— If you don’t help .. let another help

— We don't do homeworks here, at least show your code and tell us where you're having issues

— This is project .. that’s mean 💸

— Do it yourself, come here to ask specific problems you get in your already done code

— Why you angry ??

— You want help? Ok, here some tips
For each point in that list, make a function that receives the IP and outputs the result of applying the networking theory to get each value
As simple as that

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— I wrote these until 200 lines ..
but it has more mistakes

— Well, show the code, point where you're having problems and let's talk

— Because people don't read rules🤷🏻‍♂