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November 2018

— No, just clueless



actually is because currently i'm learning and doing screen share with someone that eventually is helping me. so i was trying to find a easier way, but ty anyway :)

— Check out, a new startup that runs VSCode in the browser and allows to edit collaboratively like in google docs

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— Just be careful you dont paste anywhere we can write in here cos there are 18k people

— 😆 i'll be careful

— Ty!

— What do you think about concrete questions?

— No such thing – tell us the X of your XY problem

— Any good course for learning block chain??

— "Learn all hyped things in 21 days"

— The intent would be "please set this string member of your class if you override this one", and since it's a static class (pls do not instantiate) it can't be a regular property

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— The one I sent looks promising, I think that pycharm just doesn't know this combination