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November 2018

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I´m trying to enter iframe with self.driver.switch_to.frame(self.driver.find_element(By.ID, '_ifrLoaderWindow')
this ok...
so i need return to main page, i tried self.driver.switch_to.default_content()
but this not solve my problem
selenium.common.exceptions.StaleElementReferenceException: Message: The element reference of <tr id="gridDespesasEmpenhos_DXDataRow1" class="dxgvDataRow dxgvDataRowAlt"> is stale; either the element is no longer attached to the DOM, it is not in the current frame context, or the document has been refreshed

— Please, please please

— Dont post your code like that

— Wrong group

— There are some other options but if you have a educational mail, you can try 3 spots simultaneously

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— Can some give python code to wrap row nd column in a 4*4 matrix

— You want to create a table of 4x4 in python?

— Yaa

— Tell me the code

— Yeah and to wrap row nd column

— Why?