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November 2018

— Oh


Hi, I'm learning python. Any advice on how can I do DF['colA']=DF ['colA].apply(lambda row : row.replace('original','new')) without getting a warning ? I'm trying DF.loc[:,["ColA"]].apply(lambda row : row.replace('Original','New'), axis = 0) but it's not permanent

— So, python telegram bot lib has a method of downloading files as bytearray... I can use BytesIO to open it and edit it no?

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— Well, yeah, like you could with a regular file


— BytesIO(bytearray). But check documentation, don't rely on my words.

— 1) Check your SQL syntax
2) Read rules PythonRules about photos of screen

— No!

— Operational error occured while sqlite3 database cration what can i do

— Please read the rules

— Ok