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November 2018

β€” It's all - mean is nothing wrong! Ads is advertising not more!


I still don't get what you mean by advertising, since I asked for flask extensions, but thanks for replying

β€” Put [year % 400 == 0] first

β€” Actually most videos that I reffer says about odoo UI functionality.. they didn't say about to switch to developers mode.. now I got it .. πŸ‘

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β€” Hello

β€” Any AI Python materials?

β€” pythonres

β€” Read the pinned message, you'll be amazed

β€” In [8]: 1%400
Out[8]: 1

In [9]: 2018%100
Out[9]: 18

In [10]: 1%4
Out[10]: 1

In [11]: 1999%1
Out[11]: 0

In [12]: 1999%2
Out[12]: 1

In [13]: 1999%3
Out[13]: 1

In [14]: 1999%100
Out[14]: 99

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β€” Thanks man

β€” This means you dont read english?}

β€” I just wanted a little help.. No pdf was sentπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯