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November 2018

— ??


I already read flask document but find it interesting that it even have extensions like flask-restful/rest-json-api on top of normal flask

— Do not worry it's ads make shure you have done it? it's all

— I'm sorry I can't understand what you mean with ads and it's all?

— What I mean with my question is something like this:

But maybe someone here have their own opinion

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— It's all - mean is nothing wrong! Ads is advertising not more!

— I still don't get what you mean by advertising, since I asked for flask extensions, but thanks for replying

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— Put [year % 400 == 0] first

— Actually most videos that I reffer says about odoo UI functionality.. they didn't say about to switch to developers mode.. now I got it .. 👍

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— Hello

— Any AI Python materials?

— pythonres