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November 2018

— Hi, i'm new to python and learning flask to build rest web services, anyone can suggest some extensions that you usually use on production level project.

Previously I use lumen (php), and find flask a bit barebone but django is too opinionated.

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'Pricing', therefore use credit card therefore use my credentials therefore be a slave in this centralized world. How can future unravel if we stay in the same model of behavior? Blockchain this project

— There are countless ways to turn value into medium of exchange nowdays

— Who says you need to use a credit card ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— Yea, should start writing that beg letter

— Http://

— Just read

— Please which is the best for web Dev flask or Django

— ?.?

— If you have are queustions just tupe it

— Depends on the use case

— Ok