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November 2018

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In need ato write python code just for downloadng every song that i listen to and dont download if already downloaded how can i do this

— Sorry thats a typing error *i need to......

— 1.check listening song and down it
2. go through al down files ans check its not founded

— Hello is the size of queue fixed or dynamic?

— Can u send me the totureals

— Impossible to use lately, feels like they want to get rid of free users

— I want to make a HTML website, does anyone know any webiste I can use or software.

— !offtopic

— Makes sense that they would ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— Do it your hand it's best way


from Tkinter import *
import os

root = Tk()
cmd= Frame(root, width = 400, height = 200)

cmd.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=YES)
wid = cmd.winfo_id()
os.system('cmd -into %d -geometry 80x20 -sb -e python &' % wid)


why it isnt possible?

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