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November 2018

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Hi all, trying to solve this task here - can you please point out what's wrong, i've almost got it - my code outputs ['aa','k','ak','ka'] and the proper output is ['aaa','ak','ka']

— Did you read rule 14 in PythonRules ?

— Job offer moved to PythonOfftopic

— I did it. ..but I still mute

— Did you read the pinned message?

— Now...i can talk...thnx

— I'm gonna cry 😢

— Why?

— #ask is there any gui builder fir python ? I havw tried Wxformbuilder,wxglade, qt designer,page and pygubu. But I don't really like it. I Would like to try dabodev but I got error when instaliing it

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— And does anyone know one of the desktop framework for python?I forgot the name of desktop framework, it is more like dabodev but the other one which is based on qt

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— Could it be Pyforms?