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November 2018

— So he you want to run run file A to run file B on the terminal


I am avaoiding to to make it a function so that it can run independent from the first script if ran alone or it can be called from another script and it will still run on its own like it normally does independently

— I really can't understand what you are trying to do 🤔

— 👌

— Hi all, trying to solve this task here - can you please point out what's wrong, i've almost got it - my code outputs ['aa','k','ak','ka'] and the proper output is ['aaa','ak','ka']

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— Did you read rule 14 in PythonRules ?

— Job offer moved to PythonOfftopic

— I did it. ..but I still mute

— Did you read the pinned message?

— Now...i can talk...thnx

— I'm gonna cry 😢

— Why?