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November 2018

— Read the pinned post, please


You can call your main .py file, give it +x permission and distribute the project as a package, there are many options

— Wouldn't that close the project to just one OS? 🤔

— Yes it will, that will be the challenge it will be restricted to win OS

— So, that's not good 🤷🏻‍♂️ I guess

— Used command "sudo <finder location>" - I get a bunch of errors and terminal stops working. Besides. this way looks waaaaay too complicated for adding a single utility to use via python!

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— It is a system folder that cannot be modified as it is, so maybe there should be another way to use the utility?

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— Noooo... bad bad guy... you hate that boy right?

— I even tried copying using terminal with sudo - "operation not permitted". it definitely should be situated in another folder

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— They are clueless, use a virtualenv

— Hi guys what book to read to learn python or tutorials..thank you in advance

— Read the pinned post, please 😄