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November 2018

— You have to add the USD folder to the PYTHONPATH


I understand. It must be that I can't locate the correct folder because there is just no such folder as "/usr/bin/python". I have located the source folder ("Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/..etc") and tried puting the USD folder into different locations ("root, /bin, /resources"), but none of it have worked really. I restart my terminal every time.

— I found the folder(it was hidden), but now I just cannot paste anything there. I love iOS so much.

— Open it as root

— Is it possible to build a project in python and execute him as app?

— Yes you can use pyinstaller to make it an executable file

— Its for files..
what if i have dependencies as pics and so on..

— I wanna whole project

— Can anyone suggest me Python Tutorials for Beginners to Advance?

— Read the pinned post, please

— You can call your main .py file, give it +x permission and distribute the project as a package, there are many options

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— Wouldn't that close the project to just one OS? 🤔