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November 2018

— Thanks


You can share your code and the error traceback using a service for it, and there will be someone willing to help you 😄

— Maybe this will work

— Hello. I am trying to install an utility to macOS ( There is a Prebuild USD Toolkit mentioned as a dependency - "Make sure you add the USD dir to your PYTHONPATH", and I cannot figure out how to do that. My .bash_profile does not contain PYTHONPATH (only PATH), and I tried to add USD dir to the mentioned folder - didn't work. How do I add the USD toolkit?

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— Add it

— How?

— Write PYTHONPATH if it doesn't exists yet

— Different sources tell that pythonpath should lead to different folders (/bin, /site-packages, etc.) - which one is the correct one? bin?

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— 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don't use MacOS but you can run whereis python and use that path

— Done it. now my .bash_profile includes this:

_PYTHONPATH="$ {PYTHONPATH} : /usr/bin/python"

But adding the USD toolkit is still a problem. I've tried adding the folder to the framework location (both inside and outside the bin folder), neither worked

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— You have to add the USD folder to the PYTHONPATH

— I understand. It must be that I can't locate the correct folder because there is just no such folder as "/usr/bin/python". I have located the source folder ("Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/..etc") and tried puting the USD folder into different locations ("root, /bin, /resources"), but none of it have worked really. I restart my terminal every time.

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