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November 2018

— I already told him, he still wants to:
1) open that cmd.exe thing
2) inject a command to that already opened cmd window to see it running
Why? Idk🤷🏻‍♂

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Hi! How to set phone formats in joke2k/faker lib??
Its default list.

— Faker.phone_number() generating randomly from list

— How can someone call a second python script to execute in a new window separate from the first python script where it was called from

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— Https://
This should help you

— What is decorator jsonrpc_method .how does it help

— Is it related to python?

— Hi, i have to reduce the size of several PDFs in a path. Does anybody knows the best way I can I do It?

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— You mean threading?

— If you just want to run a script stored in your path
Import os

— I'm sorry it does not run on another window