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November 2018

— Something similar to what you want:

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There is another simple library but its not maintained now and it does not work with a current python, its SimpleCV you can try other wise go with OpenCV

— Noice

— Can I add shaders with OpenCV? Like the small white glow on the eyes

— Yep! Pretty much most image processing tasks.

— How can i put a child win on TOP-RIGHT in TK python gui?
want that

menu_window = tk.Toplevel(root)
will be in TOP-RIGHT of root

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— Whta's TK?

— Something old

— In his case it's tkinter

— Yap

— Hey guys. Could you help me please? The problem is about many to many relations and django rest framework. I have 3 tables, the first one contains log data, second weather types and third one connects previous tables via foreign keys. Now i need to make post(create) request using just one request and this request should be able to fill data into all tables with DRF, maybe someone of you have already done the same task and could help me realize this functionality

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— Figured it out, no sleep needed :D