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November 2018

— Anyone? I know about OpenCV but it can detect photos? Or just videos?


OpenCV can detect eyes in either photos or videos. And you can give the filter effect also with OpenCV.

— See my image bro

— Uh, noice then

— Time to study then

— Qpython

— Something similar to what you want:

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— There is another simple library but its not maintained now and it does not work with a current python, its SimpleCV you can try other wise go with OpenCV

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— Noice

— Can I add shaders with OpenCV? Like the small white glow on the eyes

— Yep! Pretty much most image processing tasks.

— How can i put a child win on TOP-RIGHT in TK python gui?
want that

menu_window = tk.Toplevel(root)
will be in TOP-RIGHT of root

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