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November 2018

— Login_path = self.login_path
r = login_path() if callable(login_path) else login_path

i want to know what ups mean?thanks

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prog = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdin = subprocess.PIPE, stdout = subprocess.PIPE,shell=True)

how can i insert command to the cmd win that opened ?
already tried:

— Import androidhelper

droid = androidhelper.Android()
droid.startActivity('android.intent.action.VIEW', '', None, None, False, None, None)

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— How open url?

— Wat is it

— Just run a script ?

— Dont want that

— Why not


im setting this err:
TypeError: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str'

— Hi

— It explains the issue

— Cause i wanna do diff command each time with gui..