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November 2018

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Hello all. I'm to work on a project that will use anyone's phone number to determine his/her current location without the person installing any app on his phone. The GPS/GSM cell towers or nearby wifi devices will be use to access the person's location. Any python module or library to help me achieve that ?

— 🤔

— How do you mean to get that information?

— That would be a whole ""bug"" in security and privacy

— I'm not sure if such vulnerability would be even physically possible

— I don't think telephony providers would like to give you that kind of information without having a real legal order

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— Ohho man your just ultra level Thinker

— It's possible but not truly accurate

— The position of a phone device could be determined "triangulating" the last 3 GSM towers it used to connect to the telephony service, but that information could not be accessed by normal people

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— Yes, you're right :) I was thinking mostly about "nearby wifi devices" part.

— Ahhan