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November 2018

— Its not accessible from Colab unless you actually go through the auth cycle (hint: use pydrive) I usually find it easier to upload the file using files.upload for each session if the size isn't that big.

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Yes, I have found this issue on stackoverflow. However, it didn't really help. The thing is that the file I am working with is very huge. Thanks

— Do anyone have a GSOC experience here ?

— How to use sandbox or virtual machine for Android or how to download that software?

— Hello will like to learn python from the scratch

— Can I get help??

— Join pythonofftopic

— How can i attach the cmd process win i created to a tk win:
attach this:
os.system("start cmd.exe /k " + 'ssh '+ username.get() + '' + ip_num.get())
root = tk.Tk()

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— Google

— !offtopic

— Huh

— Ah it needs !