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November 2018

— Great I will try to see it first then if any question I'll come to you


I want to do a gui (based tk or whatever other py gui library) that in that remote connect to server (after getting address) and then openning the terminal window in a main window.
any idea?

— Ew

— ?


def connectWin():
window = tk.Toplevel(root)
window.title('Enter an address')
ok_button = tk.Button(window, text='OK', fg="black")
can i do:
ok_button = tk.Button(window, text='OK', fg="black",command=window.destroy())

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— Do you have any documents for code exercises.from begining to advance level..pls

— Hey guys

— pythonres

— !otherlanguages

— _tkinter.TclError: wrong # args: should be ".!toplevel.!entry insert index text"

— Ip_num.insert(0,None)

— Hello guys Iam new in python