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November 2018

β€” studentAssert = input("Do you want to add a student grade?[Y/N]")
exam = []
while True:
if(studentAssert.upper() == "Y"):
student = input("Whats the name of your student?")
result = {'Name': student}
result['test1'] = get_test_score(f'Test score 1 for {student}: ')
result['test2'] = get_test_score(f'Test score 2 for {student}: ')
result['test3'] = get_test_score(f'Test score 3 for {student}: ')
result['total'] = result['test1'] + result['test2'] + result['test3']
elif(studentAssert.upper() == "N"):
print("Invalid assertion.Please enter Y or N")
studentAssert = input("Do you want to add a student grade?[Y/N]")


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I will buy a ThinkPad that was launched in 2016. with Integrated Graphics😝 but i will buy a 256g SSD for it.and 8g or 12g RAM.
I think this is enough to learn and work.😁

β€” If you got moneys, i bought mine for 160€

β€” If you dont understand something tell me

β€” After I work, I earn some money. If the ThinkPad can't meet my needs, I will change the computer according to my work needs.

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β€” Well, i prefer to have a medium end laptop and working in my pc

β€” Guys I have a query

β€” May I ask here

β€” In the DB group better

β€” I have a pc ☺️

β€” Nais

β€” ??