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November 2018

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Hey Guys.. Im new to this group as well as to python. just want to know is print("Some String", end = " ") the right way to avoid new line.?

— Sure, you can even put end="" to avoid putting a whitespace

— Is there any other way to do the same thing...? in python 3.x

— No. Python is not Perl.

— Oh.. Okay. Thanks for the help :)

— I thought it was a python 3 thing

— Can you do it in python2? Xd

— Yeah above method is python 3

— The print has got parenthesis, :)

— Parenthesis are a python3 feature

— I guess you can't do it on pyhon 2, pyhton 2 had print "Some Stirng", method right..? Ends with a comma to avoid the next line

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