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November 2018

ā€” Well, I see you read


Sort is a function that sorts original list, it returns none. That's why new is none. You now need to get numbers list, not new.

ā€” šŸ˜ I still tried with

ā€” šŸ‘

ā€” Hello guys Iā€™m new starter with python

ā€” So I need help

ā€” Any advice for a tutorials

ā€” For beginners

ā€” To start correctly

ā€” Thank you for help

ā€” šŸ˜‚ i need help

ā€” Hi guys
I trying make a voice call by django app
I want when 2 client want make call together a id and ip from main server send to one of them and one of them be a server

Realy i want make a multi server - multi client by django

But now i want know django can support this issue or not???

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