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November 2018

— I think you need one more loop, you just loop one time to swap bigger number to the right side. But sometimes, a number needs many times to go to the right position.

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And this is the slowest method of sorting I think, maximum times will be n^2 if there are n numbers.

— Hello guys, plz send me dictionary ane list example program

— Not clear logic list ane dictionary were will be used ane how to plz any clear those two terms

— Anyone knows about FIX protocol decoding in python?
FIX- Financial Information eXchange

— Github DOES have a search

— Thanks. I'll try

— Learn to use Google

— Ok tq👍

— Hey guys I have a problem in follow program:
When I run this a part of result is not expected (actually they are use the same xpath to parse)
I think more about it but I can't get why and solve it can you help me?

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— Numbers= List(input ().split())

New = Numbers.sort()



— Guys what to do ? Please help me how I got sorted list of numbers ?