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November 2018

— Well now i need just solve this case


You don't know any thing about me i war life since 20 years ago i don't given up because that , th is small case like YouTube or google.

— Read about vpn or vps all your internet problems will be solved, maybe even your war problems

— It can be as simple as an iphone app

— This is joke or really solution? 😂😒😭

— Who knows. At least you should try

— Just download it

— You are funny

— To check whether something is alphabetic, use string.isalpha(). Digits: string.isdigit() and for special characters, you would need a regex for that.

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— I mean, you don't need a regex for that, but it would be more simple to just have a regex.

— A question , why i can't download pyTelegramBotApi ?? i donesn't recognize pip

— I think i should first enter the folder of py3.7???