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November 2018

— 😁🤦‍♀


Man im looking at the mechanicalsoup documentation pdf and I've done everything, but still gives me the erroe

— Guys i need some help how i can solution this question
Write a Python program to input any character and check whether it is alphabet, digit , special characters .

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— Please help yourself, if you go search on google, I bet you'll learn better. :/

— Also, it's really easy

— I think that you can the regex

— Yep, can be used

— I ask everyone in college and in yemen Internet so bad i don't can open YouTube or search on Google.

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— In pin of this group some good book are available try to read once

— So how do you plan to solve things in future?

— Just ask them here?

— I will solve that in future step by step i plan everything in my life