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November 2018

— There was adobe bracket for that iirc


In mechanicalsoup, does the form-selector() works only on action?
Or can I select a form based on id?
Because on id, it gives me link not found error

— You want a thing called "browser"

— Also, you just have to hit refresh 🤷‍♂

— You should choose a framework for that first

— What's that?

— Really nice question.

— I think if I say go google it, you won't know how to do that either.

— He'd need to open his browser for that

— 😁🤦‍♀

— Man im looking at the mechanicalsoup documentation pdf and I've done everything, but still gives me the erroe

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— Guys i need some help how i can solution this question
Write a Python program to input any character and check whether it is alphabet, digit , special characters .

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