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November 2018

— I really never took it from that perspective, of memorizing stuff i mean, i just get things done with whatever function i need, and when u need something similar in any future projects, u just use what u have done with some adjustments, and so on, it just builds by itself that’s what you call experience, but digging into a library source code and memorizing all the content is absurd and u’ll forget it anyways

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Thanks man. The reason why I asked is that I Wanted to know what library interacts with html pages like click a button or fill a text box, is it bs4 or requests??

— Neither

— You want selenium for that

— Bs4 is a parser

— And sometimes I need to scroll down in the website and do other stuff

— Requests does HTTP requests

— 👍

— And urllib??

— Or ?

— Man there are over 20,000 libraries in python, do you really think they are all unique, stop overwhelming urself with the amount you need to learn and just get the job with whatever you want

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— Rtfm