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November 2018

— Bad idea


For requests it should be somewhat doable since it's the request method and then convenience methods for the different HTTP requests

— So do I have to go through the whole library each time I need a particular function??

— What code??

— From requests and bs4 ?

— How to solve it

— No i haven't, I just know three or four funtions.

— Read the docs then

— I really never took it from that perspective, of memorizing stuff i mean, i just get things done with whatever function i need, and when u need something similar in any future projects, u just use what u have done with some adjustments, and so on, it just builds by itself that’s what you call experience, but digging into a library source code and memorizing all the content is absurd and u’ll forget it anyways

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— Thanks man. The reason why I asked is that I Wanted to know what library interacts with html pages like click a button or fill a text box, is it bs4 or requests??

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— Neither

— You want selenium for that