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November 2018

— 🤦‍♂


Maybe you should specific the question, are you looking for someone that know or should try google it first

— The one single reader model that exists on this world, you mean

— Https://

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— I have bought this one on amazon

— But i dont know how to create my own software for my project ??

— In which programming language i can do program???

— It's an RFID reader, what do you want to do with it?

— I want create my own software to detect the rfid tag in which language should i code????

— *0.00

— Ok you can try using an arduino were there are rfid shields to use, then you can interface with your python software to do any kinds of stuff you want e.g python GUI for it and database things or you can do it using a raspberry pi with python the easy way

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— How can I enter alphabet to command window using program