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November 2018

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If you use php programming, use it

if($var = 1) {
echo $var;

If you create a rich option, how do you program it in Python?

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I'd like to create a class with argparse.action , to make the user of the program , understand that he must write
In the command line

Python3 [program name] [str] [int]

1st option str and the second, an int

— Hello everyone, maybe someone knows why kivy's site is down?

— Sorry, my mistake)

— Test it with timeit

— !tut

— Just use a list comprehensiom

— Install openblas

— And btw, that is why you use conda or docker for your DS stacks

— What is this '\xa0\xa0\xa0' ?

— How to convert it to like \n, \t etc?, but not with replace

— Non-breaking space