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November 2018

— Now I think.. I would prefer the most beautiful way.


If I want ti insert some data into my database file there is check out ==> sqlite3.OperationalError: database is locked how to solve it please help me

— The good ol' for line in lines is the way to go then

— Https://
But then it will take 6 lines. Isn't it a lot for just concatenating tabs to each lines of 2 strings?

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— Отзовитесь кто силён в олимпиадных задачах

— Заплачу за каждую решённую
По красоте

— Https://
or I can do like this.
But is this good ?
Sorry for these questions.

— English only..

— Go to ru python.

— Textwrap

— I need help in Olympic programming

— I know what do you need. But you won't go so far if you'll ask to others for help.