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November 2018

— Nowhere near enough info to help you – and the code snippet you posted does not help either


To some extent you have the concept right, just use the object attribute in those double curly brackets, if your looping an object list , {% for object in objects %}
U use double curly brackets to display object attributes like {{ }}

— 👍👍

— Solved

— { for loop } < html trow data-target="demo{{ loop.index }}" > {endfor}

— Hi is there any recommended python ebooks or website for beginners who don't know anything about programming? 😁

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— pythonres

— Thank you 🙏

— Ok sorry didn't know it's just a free invite for any block chain inthusiest

— Pay me

— /

— Looking for a Django developer who knows (frontend as well) for a freelancing project .
If you have any friend in your network with set of specific skills, please redirect if someone is the right fit

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