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November 2018

— I am new


The reactor *takes over* the main thread, and then you do things IN the reactor. i.e. you still need to grok Twisted and async programming.

— How can we use multiple haar cascade files for identifying in a single code?

— Nowhere near enough info to help you – and the code snippet you posted does not help either

— To some extent you have the concept right, just use the object attribute in those double curly brackets, if your looping an object list , {% for object in objects %}
U use double curly brackets to display object attributes like {{ }}

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— 👍👍

— Solved

— { for loop } < html trow data-target="demo{{ loop.index }}" > {endfor}

— Hi is there any recommended python ebooks or website for beginners who don't know anything about programming? 😁

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— pythonres

— Thank you 🙏

— Ok sorry didn't know it's just a free invite for any block chain inthusiest