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November 2018

— I need to convert this into text (nearly 2000 pages are there)

But it is not in normal font so i am getting full content converted into text while processing

What should I do now??

Should I teach python to understand each letters??

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I was wondering how to run code after executing task.react() from twisted.internet. Basically, I have a function (main()) which I execute with react(main()). However, any code I write after react(main()), gets ignored.
For example:
prints just ‘abc’.

Also, if I put react in a for loop:
‘‘‘for i in range(2):
it executes just once and than stops.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how to avoid this?

— Guys...anyone working here with qiskit package

— Guys please Help me i want to be a hacker in future what should i do

— Learn python)

— I am a computer science student

— 😂

— Oh man

— Your mean is this that i start from pyton

— No, hacking is not programming languages

— Hacking is more difficult

— I mean professional