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November 2018

— No, never, nein nein nein :qw


Please tell me how to convert a qt.ui file to python file I use pyuic5 qt.ui > but that is not show the menus I use iOS 64 Please help how I convert the qt file in Mac

— Pylint or flake8

— Use flake8 and run it

— No need, it integrated

— Flake8

— Google will tell you – in the 1st fracking hit

— I just joined this group and I can barely keep up with the conversation. It seems like y'all are light years ahead of me.

I've been wanting to learn python for like a year now but I can't. I've been using SoloLearn for over a month now and I'm nowhere with the app.

Is there a particular way to learn python maybe I'm doing it wrongly. What's the best way to learn python?

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— pythonres

— Also try hackerrank exercises

— +1

— Thanks a lot for this. I'll try them out and give feedback on them